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posted 26 Jan 2015, 00:12 by Jordan Mitchell   [ updated 26 Jan 2015, 01:52 ]
The value of the week is Freedom. 

Definition; The power or right to act, speak or think as one wants. 

Quotes; 'Those who deny freedom for others, deserve it not for themselves'.  Abraham Lincoln 
           'He who overcomes his fears will truly be free'. Aristotle 

The Rebel

D J Enright


When everybody has short hair,

The rebel lets his hair grow long.

When everybody has long hair,

The rebel cuts his hair short.

When everybody talks during the lesson ,

The rebel does’ n say a word.

When nobody talks during the lesson ,

The rebel creates a disturbance.

When everybody wears a uniform ,

The rebel dresses in fantastic clothes.

When everybody wears fantastic clothes

The rebel dresses soberly.

In the company of dog lovers ,

The rebel expresses a preference for cats.

In the company of cat lovers ,

The rebel puts in a good word for dogs.

When everybody is praising the sun ,

The rebel remarks on the need for rain.

When everybody is greeting the rain ,

The rebel regrets the absence of sun.

When everybody goes to the meeting

The rebel stays at home and reads a book.

When everybody stays at home and reads a book ,

The rebel goes to the meeting.

When everybody says , yes please!

The rebel says , No thank you.

When everybody says: No thank you ,

The rebel says , yes please!

It is very good that we have rebels

You may not find it very good to be one.